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What is Microblading?

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Eyebrow Microblading is a tattooing technique that has been around for many years, but has just recently become a wildly popular beauty procedure. Also known as eyebrow tattooing or permanent makeup, microblading is different from an eyebrow tattoo because each hair stroke is created by hand using a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the epidermis and dermis – so the colour fades much faster than a tattoo. The goal of microblading eyebrows is to create, enhance or reshape existing eyebrows so you can look your best at all times.

Microblading Techniques

Microblading, Microblading & Microshading and Shading/Ombré
Microblading Techniques

Microblading: adding strokes to create natural looking fullness. Best suited for most skin types except extremely oily or very sensitive.

Microblading & Microshading: a combination of strokes and shading. Best suited for clients who want fullness and have been trying to grow their over tweezed brows but are very patchy. This is my most requested service and the most popular because it creates more depth and dimension where there are no hairs. Best suited for most skin types except extremely oily or very sensitive.

Shading & Ombré: Provides a soft powered look under existing brows. Best suited for clients who are extremely oily or have very sensitive or thin skin texture. When doing research on your artist, I would recommend that clients should pay close attention to the healed results. That is more important than a photo that displays freshly deposited pigment or freshly microbladed eyebrows.

Photos of healed microbladed, microbladed & shading, and Ombré brows on my clients.

Microblading is popular because it really does help you look your best – at all times. I have a page on my website that discusses the microblading procedure in depth. You can check out my prices and schedule a free consultation...I’d love to meet you!

- Amrit

Microbladed eyebrows that last up to 2 years!

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