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Microblading – The Process

...from the beginning to the end of the procedure...

Initial consult

I like to have an initial consult with a client so I can understand what they want to achieve from their microblading procedure. Some want stylish boxy eyebrows, others need some eyebrow repair from years of plucking abuse. The initial consult is the best time to discuss your specific needs. Please note, the initial consult is not part of the microblading procedure. This is optional and many clients prefer to visit me first which I encourage because it puts my clients at ease. At this time my client and I am able to establish if we both are on the same page with expectations and what can be achieved with their brows.

The First Session

Please arrive 15 minutes early so you can fill in the medical questionnaire and we can go over your medical history.

Part 1 - Pre procedure photos

Upon arriving to your appointment I take a few photos just so we can capture what they look like prior to your brow enhancement.

Part 2 - Eyebrow Shape

I start by drawing the shape of your eyebrows using a stencil which helps measure each brow exactly and is best used for symmetry. The shaping of the brows generally is the longest part of the whole process as I give my client free range on their input as they are the ones who have to look at those brows everyday. Once that step is completed and I have my client’s approval I apply a topical anesthetic which stays on the skin for 20 minutes.

Part 3 - Colour selection

Having been in this industry for 4 years now I have tried several pigment lines. Some were horrible which I quickly discarded, some were better. Until Permablend and Tina Davies collaboration came out with her I❤️INK line. Many other artists will agree with me on this one, it has been a game changer! All her pigments are vegan and cruelty free. And most importantly, pre modified which throws the guesswork out the window completely. No client of mine has healed ashy or grey or with any red undertones. Her colour chart is also designed so brilliantly that it makes it very easy for the client to understand.

Sorry, I digress there for a second. Back to colour selection! This second part of the procedure is just as important as the first one because not only does your shape have to be on point but the colour of the pigment has to mimic your own brow hair colour so the transition between an actual hair and an implanted hair stroke should look identical to the eye. And once that selection is done I am ready to start the procedure.

Part 4 - Microblading procedure

This is the part where I sense the tension in my client as I have to show them the tiny row of needles before I open the package. A little secret, while I take off the numbing cream I massage the orbital area and that does the trick! That immediately relaxes my clients.

Having done so many procedures now, I have had plenty of feedback. 99% of the clients have told me that the anticipitation was more bothersome than the noise or the actual needles. If you are a bit nervous, I suggest you bring your earbuds so you can play some music during the procedure.

I make a few shallow passes the first time around which allows the second anesthetic to start working. At this point my clients are fast asleep! Once the second pass is done and the pigment mask is on I have to literally wake up my clients to go over the after care.

Part 5 - After care

This is the time where I discuss the after care instructions in detail. I give my clients the after care products and get them to verbally go over the whole after care process so it has registered. And give written after care instructions as well.

Part 6 - After photos

After removing the pigment mask I take multiple photos. The last step before you leave is setting up your touch up appointment.

Post Procedure

This part is critical and will directly impact how well the pigment holds it colour. I have a big list of post procedure information on my website and I do provide you with a sheet spelling it all out, when you are leaving. Long and short:

- Don’t exercise for a week after the procedure – sweating will weaken the pigment bond

- Don’t get the area wet for 10 days after

- Final main tip...stay out of the sun.

- Amrit

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