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Amrit is a certified semi-permanent makeup tattoo artist and medical esthetician for over 15 years. As a semi-permanent makeup artist, Amrit takes pride in making people feel beautiful and confident. She firmly believes that it is her calling to help her clients feel and look a better version of themselves. She is passionate about what she does and it shows in her art. 

She currently operates out of Etobicoke/Mississauga, Ontario and specializes in the best ombre brows, eyebrow microblading, eyeliner tattoo and lip blush. With her knowledge and expertise in semi-permanent makeup along with over 15 years of experience as a medical aesthetician, she has in-depth understanding of skin anatomy which is crucial for this art.


You can also book excellent skincare treatments including BB Glow, microneedling, hydrafacials, dermaplaining, microdermabrasion and a variety of peels. 





"I have waited many years until I decided to do microblading . Visited 100s of social media pages, asked many, many people for their opinion or experience. I was really scared . Toronto Beauty House is the best place you can trust with your brows. Amrit is experienced , professional, patient , lovely and knowledgeable.
I am very happy with her work. My eyebrows became a topic of conversation at work and between my friends and family for days lol. It made a huge change in the way I look.
Amrit is the brow hero. She is saving eyebrows one day at a time!" - Klodiana Dibra


"I have been coming to see Amrit for over 5 years. She has done microblading on my eyebrows and I love love it! Now, I moved on for her to do eyeliner tattoo and again she has delivered with amazing artistic skill sets with her craft! She took great care to ensure that I felt comfortable throughout the procedure and it wasn’t that painful!"

Thank you Amrit! - Karie Prisayne


"It was the best decision I could have made trusting Amrit with my sad and over plucked eyebrows. A constant professional, with a great personality and skill. Put your brows in your hands and you won't be sorry!!!

Highly recommend." - Lesley Andress


Great service and very professional! I did my eyeliner correction and I was very satisfied with the results. Amrit is very professional, very patient and she gives right advices! I didn't have any infection and swelling after ,since I experienced this when I did first time at another place. Highly recommended! - Dijana Jeremic


I was referred to Amrit by a friend as my brows had thinned out and become patchy over the past couple of years. I honestly thought they were a lost cause but Amrit proved me wrong. A couple of weeks after the first appointment my brows were suddenly more full, and the microblading procedure had actually caused my natural hair to grow back thicker than I’ve seen them in years! It seemed to happen almost overnight and that combined with the microblading strokes that Amrit applied has given me beautiful brows that I’m so proud of. I get TONS of compliments on them and I’m no longer self conscious of how they look, plus maintaining them is a breeze (read: zero maintenance at all).

Besides the incredible transformation I saw with my brows, working with Amrit was an absolute pleasure. She is so knowledgeable and patient with every question I had (and believe me I had a lot!) and she made the process of booking appointments so easy and convenient. If you’re looking for someone you can trust to give you beautiful new brows, look no further than Amrit. - Jillian Abernathy


What To Expect During Your Appointment

During your consultation, I will work with you to discuss your goals, lifestyle, shape of your existing brows, eyeliner or lip shape. It also includes the problem areas you wish to address. Bringing reference photos of your desired brow shape, eyeliner tattoo or lip tint/gloss is highly recommended and greatly appreciated. I will advise and show you what will work best for your face shape.


If you have any questions about which procedure to choose, I can direct you towards the best option for you. You’re free to ask relevant questions during your microblading/eyeliner tattoo/lip blush appointment.

If you have any concerns, I will be happy to address them and help you decide on a treatment plan that will work for you. I highly advise you to do a pre-procedure consultation through Zoom or Facetime with me (for free). So that I know if your skin is ready or suitable for the procedure. However, if you feel that you’re ready, go on and do yourself a favor to book an appointment. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE.

Before going to your microblading appointment, ensure that you’re qualified


I will go over all the points mentioned below at your appointment -

  • Skin Complications – Skins that are prone to complications with eczemapsoriasiskeratosis pilaris, and dermatitis. This means that chances are your skin is in a constant state of unrest and shedding. 

  • Chronic Conditions – The same goes for conditions like chronic acne and rosacea. The inherent nature of this type of skin causes easy bleeding, which once again means your skin will not retain the color very well. 

  • Sunburn – If you are hoping to get microblading/eyeliner tattoo/lip blush done but have gotten a tan or worse, a sunburn, it’s best to wait until your skin has resumed its normal color and wait until your skin has healed before booking in for a procedure.

  • Previous Permanent Makeup – People who have previously had permanent makeup may want to change or fix what they have previously had done. Clients may have to consider laser removal prior to a procedure or ask the artist if they can work with their existing permanent makeup to incorporate the old design and colors into the new one.  Always disclose while booking, if you’ve had previous permanent makeup so I can do the procedure accordingly.  

  • For a detailed list please click this link.

Your entire microblading/lip blush/eyeliner tattoo process should take approximately 2-3 hours.

  • Step 1: I take photos of your bare brows/lips/eyes

  • Step 2: Then, sanitize the area

  • Step 3: I will then take a photo using a symmetry app to measure the brows/lips/eyes

  • Step 4: Then your desired shape will be mapped onto your brows/lips/eyes 

  • Step 5: We, together, will come to an agreement on your new perfect shape!

  • Step 6: Photos will be taken and then the area will be pre-numbed. 

  • Step 7: Wait time for the numbing cream is 15-20 minutes. At this time, I will go over the Aftercare instructions

  • Step 8: The procedure begins and it will take approximately 1-1.5 hour for completion

  • Step 9: Done! Your photo will be taken of your new brows/lip blush/eyeliner.

  • Step 10: I go over the aftercare again and hand you the after care products and you are out the door!

After your microblading appointment, there is the touch-up perfecting session

I do not consider your treatment is complete until you receive your touch-up. Therefore, I sincerely advise you to come back for a touch-up session because it is really necessary. The touch-up session is performed after 6-8 weeks from your initial appointment. At this appointment, I will assess how your skin has healed and will perfect your brows/lips/eyes accordingly.

These procedures are semi-permanent as the pigment is planted mostly in the epidermis and in the upper dermis . Therefore, it will gradually and naturally fade over time, to varying degrees. A touch-up or “Refresher Session” is recommended at least once every 1.5-2 years.

Long Term Care for Lasting Results for Microblading/Lip Blush/Eyeliner Tattoo

There are just a few lifestyle tips that will keep your tattoo looking fresh and ensure lasting results.

Avoid the sun!

Spending extended amounts of time in direct sun is a no. If you’re going on a holiday and are out in the rays a lot, you must be smart about it. That means good SPF, a hat and even oversized sunnies, if possible.  For daily incidental sun exposure, just make sure your moisturiser has an SPF, apply over your face and brows and you’re good to go. This tip goes for maintaining youthful skin too! The sun is the biggest contributor to premature fading of cosmetic tattoos. Protect your investment and the health of your skin by always wearing SPF.

Don’t use active skincare ingredients over your tattooed area.


 BHA, Glycolic, Lactic, Salycilic, Retinol or any other repair based product  is great for keeping your skin glowing. But it's exfoliating properties are no good for your tattoo. Don’t freak out…you can still use your amazing skincare but just don’t apply it directly over your brows, lips or eyeliner.  If your cleanser contains acids it could be prematurely fading your tattoo so best to cleanse around them. Avoid everything besides SPF and makeup directly over your brows. Another important tip - make sure to let your esthetician know about your tattoo so she/he can cover that area with Vasaline before starting your treatment.

You still need to wax and potentially tint. (For brows only).

Eyebrow tattooing is magical, but unfortunately, it doesn’t stop unwanted hair growth. You will still need to visit your beautician for regular waxing to keep your brows looking their best. If you have very blonde or grey brow hairs these can be more noticeable with an eyebrow tattoo. Having eyebrow tints when required will help to blend your hair with the tattoo and create a more natural look.

Suitability for cosmetic tattooing.

If you look after your investment you will enjoy perfectly on point brows/lips/eyeliner for up to 18 months. As with any cosmetic procedure, individual results do vary and are also dependent on skin types/medications and other factors. Clients with oily skin types or that take thyroxine/antidepressants/medications may need more regular maintenance appointments (usually between 6-12 months) as these factors, unfortunately, contribute to faster fading.


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